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Check out this video that coaches parents through an exciting strategy to encourage their child to read aloud in order to build fluency and comprehension. This fun activity, which can also be utilized in the classroom, incorporates technology to record the reading of text up to four times. Students will be able to compare subsequent readings of the same text after answering comprehension questions and receiving feedback. 

According to research, children who come from homes where parents are involved are more successful in school. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires schools to encourage meaningful two-way communication with families linked to learning. Remember, you have access to Learning Link by Connected Class for reading and math videos to initiate that meaningful two-way communication linked to learning in a fast and easy to use system.

Just log in to and go to Learning Link. Select a video that targets the reading or math concept your students need additional support with through the drop-down menu. Under the Teacher Resource tab, you will find a listing of each video, the target concept identified and the Florida and Common Core State Standards each strategy, activity or game addresses.

Activity cards are available with each video and can be printed for classroom use, for center rotations and to differentiate instruction. Every video provides modifications to make the activity easier or more challenging. You have the option to send each video with the activity card to all your students and families at one time, or you can send videos based on individual student need. The email to parents is already constructed for you. All you need to do is select the video, determine which students/families you want to receive the resource and click share. The system tracks which parents are viewing the resource, so you have a record of their involvement.

We know how busy the classroom teacher is; therefore, we have made it fast and simple. The Learning Link videos you send to your parents/families will have your name and email address embedded in every email. This adds a personalized touch from you without the endless hours of additional work. We promote the meaningful two-way communication linked to learning by encouraging parents and families to email you with any questions.

Click here for a PDF explaining how to use Learning Link and how to set up a class list.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at

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