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by Pastor Donnie Berry

Our lives are busy. Really busy. It’s probably  the most common response I get when I ask people, “How have you been?” “Busy.” It may  be the most common response I give, too... read more


Media Team Launch Meeting

TONIGHT, May 16, is the Media Team Launch Meeting at 7pm. Learn how you can be a part of helping people know Jesus more using videos, podcast, and more at this meeting. If you cannot come to the meeting, but want more information contact Danny in the church office.

Play Worship Pray

Reminder: tomorrow May 17 is Play, Worship, Pray. Doors open at 5pm. Bring your own food or buy a hot dog meal from Sassy Dawgs. Activities start at 5:30pm and prayer and worship starts at 7pm. Learn more here.

Men's Game Night

Men's Game Nights meet the 4th Friday of every month. Learn more here.

MO Start HVAC Technician Training

We are hosting this Training Program provided by State Tech starting in June. Our hope is that this training would help not only those among us, but also of our broader community obtain jobs with livable wages. Learn more here.


Stay up-to-date on summer events like Donuts with Dad, Family Streams, and more here.

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