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Christmas is the beginning of a true classic story. It contains all the right elements: love, joy, peace, celebration, salvation, reconciliation, and hope. The fragile, helpless infant in the manger is truly the Christ, the Son of God. As he lay in that manger, He was identifying Himself with all those He came to save. And so, our joys are His joys. Our sorrows are His sorrows.

God's message to us is simple and clear. It is namely: those who come in simple faith to the Lord Jesus will find great peace. To some, this may seem to be an elusive dream.

Christ came to establish the kingdom of justice, love and peace. He is now relying on us to build that kingdom. Let us recommit ourselves to living the command of Christ: "Love one another and I have loved you." This is what it means to write the ongoing story of Christmas.

Christmas began in the heart of God. It is only complete when it reaches the hearts of people. 

May God bless you abundantly during this beautiful season! Merry Christmas!!

Fr. John Georgia

Christmas Masses

Christmas Eve: 4:00pm Mass (Music provided by the Bell Choir)

                          5:30pm Mass

Midnight Mass: 12:00am (Music provided by the choir and instrumental ensemble)

Christmas Day: 10:00am Mass (Music provided by the choir and instrumental ensemble)