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Reply with Video

by Pastor Phil Schaefer

As followers of Jesus are we meant to make the culture or are we meant to counter the    culture? Is the goal to get more people to go to church or is it to be a church that stands as a thing set apart in the world?...

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Saturday, October 27 we want to invite the ladies to a Silence and Solitude Morning Retreat. There will be group discussion, a teaching, and an extended time alone with   God using guided reflection exercises. Check out our website for more information.

Our Men’s Morning Workouts are continuing  this fall! Join Mason Stevens at MET-Fitness    at 7am Saturday, October 20, for a free-   weights workout. Space is limited so make   sure and RSVP. All fitness levels are     welcome at this workout.

Fall Festival is a unique way for us to reach families from all over Columbia. We invite you to help us to open our building to our community again this year. It takes over 100 volunteers to create this fun and safe event. Sign up to volunteer today.

Don't forget this Friday is Prayer and Worship out on the church property!

6pm - dinner (hot dogs and chips)

7pm - Prayer and Worship

7:45pm - S'mores

InterVarsity is hosting Thanksgiving for international students here at CF on Saturday, November 3. If you would like to help these students experience a traditional American Thanksgiving meal and good conversation you can sign up to bring a dish and more today.

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