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  by Pastor Donnie Berry

In high school I decided, in a rare burst of literary inspiration, to tackle Daniel Defoe’s classic novel Robinson Crusoe. The book got the best of me, and I never finished it. But what I did   read left an imprint. It was Robinson Crusoe that first introduced me to the idea of Divine Providence. Read more.

What's New with Christian Fellowship School

We know how busy the lives of working moms are and how stressful it can be to find the right educational fit for your child. We still have openings in Pre-K and Kindergarten, so enjoy lunch while you listen to some of the common misconceptions about private Christian schools, and then hear what the facts really are. Q&A with staff, and tours of the building are encouraged.

This summer there is a lot of activity around   the south end of the Christian Fellowship parking lot. In order to accommodate growth in the middle school and lower elementary, CFS   is adding three additional modular classroom buildings. The current 4th and 5th grade classrooms are being moved slightly north (closer to the main building) and two new buildings are... read more

Get the chance to share with our kids just how much Jesus loves them!

How many adults do we still need to serve in cfKidz? 35 in 2018

How often would you serve if you volunteered? 1 service a month

Grow in community together. As a volunteer in the cfKidz ministry you are invited to come together with other volunteers to help encourage and grow one another.

If you are interested in volunteering let us know here.

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